Dienstag, 29. August 2017

Oops, we did it again.

Friday evening, the 25th of August. A hot evening. Some guys from FINK/VC thought is was a good idea to cool their feet in an Ice Belt in UVHO-F in Querious. One of the jucier parts of that nullsec region. One the spies that were carefully brought in by Darwinism decided, it was time to hatch. Cyno, Sabre, Ice mining Fleet bubbled, fleet slips through.

Once more, the vicious pirates from Darwinism decided, one Rorqual and its fleet is enough to burn a spy.

Along with that a bunch of Hulks, Covetors and stuff joined the pile of corpses. Around 7 Bill. ISK of damage was done in a blink of an eye.

Funny though, that the spy from Darwinism, now uncovered, stood within the Corporation BINFORD and therefore within the Alliance Volition Cult, cause their leadership was absent and unable to kick him. That now busy spy brought us some more killmails. An Ishtar, VNI and finally an Orca. Volition Cult finally reacted and kicked the whole corp. In addition to that , the leadership of BINFORD was forced to reimburse the awoxed Orca and stuff, thats a quite common rule in Eve. If you bring in foul members which history you didnt check well enough, you have to pay the bill. Fair enough.

I am wondering, if somewhere somehow a spy within Darwinism, evenly carefully brought in, will uncover itself and bring in treachery and pain. Eve is such a wonderful place to live in, dont you think? Beautiful and scary.

Like a picture from Edvard Munch.

HALP, i am tackled